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We understand your struggle. You deserve to move on.

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Background check positive. Clearance denied. Application rejected.

This is what we hear all the time from people who are just trying to move on from their past mistakes. If you have any kind of criminal history, the overly-complicated record system can prevent you from living a normal life.

We can help you move on from your past. We use legal, constitutional means to: 

Or in other words, we empower you so you can have a better life for you and your family.

You Can Live The Life You Want

Live In The
Home You Love

Land Your
Dream Job

Family Should Be
Able To Come First

Don't Miss
Another Season

Study At The
School You Choose

With Ease

Sick of being considered a criminal?

A one-time mistake shouldn’t paint you as a criminal for life. You paid your dues, faced the consequences, and have moved on. Unfortunately, as long as you have a record of charges against you, the decision makers of the world will not. That’s where we come in; we find and remove your criminal history quickly, confidentially, and permanently. Why? Because we believe everybody deserves a fresh start.

Having criminal charges negatively impacts many important areas of life, such as:

  • Traveling Abroad
  • Owning A Gun
  • Your Right To Vote
  • Getting A Date
  • Landing A Job

  • Getting Into College
  • Getting A Loan
  • Buying A Home
  • Adopting A Child
  • Retaining Child Custody Rights

Is your record holding you back?

Research My Record

Mark F. Walmer Attorney Lancaster, PA

We understand your struggle. You deserve to move on.

We have worked with thousands of people just like you. We see the shame and the hurt that they experience from a broken justice system. That’s why after 30 years of courtroom experience, attorney Mark F. Walmer began to dedicate his career to helping those who just want to live the life they deserve.

Learn more about Mark and why we are so passionate bringing restoration to those who need it.

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