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Maneuvering through the Pennsylvania criminal justice system can be overwhelming, confusing, and the waiting period can be painstakingly slow. We’ll help you work with the system to repair your reputation and remove your PA criminal offense record from public view.

When you partner with our PA Pardon & Expungement lawyers, you get:

  • 30+ years of legal experience
  • Specialized relationships with key legal partners
  • Our process to research, advise and file PA Expungement petitions, and Pardon Applications.

But most importantly, you get fast PA record expungement & pardon filings that end in better results.

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“I would say that the assistance through the expungement process is professional, expedited and feels personal.  It’s nice knowing someone is on your side that knows how to get things done.  Expunging my record allowed more opportunities to be pursued and alleviated the embarrassment associated with having a criminal record.”
Former RecordEraser Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Do criminal convictions prevent me from adopting?

If you have a criminal record, you’re prohibited from adopting or fostering a child. This negatively affects two people; it denies your right to raise a family and a child’s dream of being part of one.

Or if you’re in a custody battle, then you know how cutthroat things can get. Legal fees are expensive, the experience is mentally taxing, and you can even lose the privilege of seeing your children. The opposition will dig into your past for anything detrimental to your custody case. Record Eraser makes sure there’s no criminal record to find.

Can past criminal charges prevent me from hunting?

Our founding fathers gave every man and woman the right to bear arms, and we believe you deserve to retain those rights.

However, if you have an unexpunged felony charge or criminal charge, your ability to buy or own a gun could be prevented. Whether you’re a gun collector, a deer hunter, or simply want to protect your family, you can benefit from a clean slate – it’s time to start the expungement process of cleaning up your past.

Can minor offenses interfere with college acceptance?

So you made a youthful mistake. Whether you were caught drinking underage, driving under the influence (DUI), or were charged with vandalism, mistakes happen when you’re young but misdemeanor convictions follow you through life. Nearly half of college admissions officers check applicants’ criminal records before even speaking with them.

Our youthful years can be some of the toughest times of our lives. Between raging hormones and the pressure to fit in, it’s easy to make a poor decision when you’re caught up in the moment. Don’t let a single moment tarnish the rest of your life. You deserve a clean slate to go to college and better yourself with dignity (and at the college of your choosing).


Is record sealing the same as criminal record expungement in Pennsylvania?

No, expunging and sealing records are two separate things.

A criminal record remains even if it’s been sealed; however, it cannot be viewed by potential employers and others who might want to check up on an applicant’s background. A person’s juvenile criminal record usually is sealed after the age of eighteen, then the only way to access them is by court order.

However, expungement means that the actual criminal charges and records for an offense are wiped out forever except for sex offenses and many felonies.

Are felonies expungable?

Most felonies cannot be sealed from public records. All sexual offenses are ineligible for expungement.

Is my criminal history available by public access?

Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System allows public access to court records online. Individuals can search and view court case information (including docket sheets)—for free online.

How does having a clean slate help me?

Having a criminal record can severely limit one’s access to employment education housing civic engagement public assistance:

  1. Most employers, landlords, and nearly half of college admissions officers check applicants’ criminal records before even speaking with them. What’s more, one study found that more than 45,000 federal and state statutes and regulations impose disqualifications or disadvantages on individuals with a conviction.
  2. Even when a conviction or a charge is thrown out, an arrest record decreases a person’s employment prospects more than other common employment-related stigmas. Moreover, having a criminal record reaches across generations and socioeconomic barriers associated – a criminal record can even harm your child’s welfare.

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