Marijuana Conviction Pardons in Pennsylvania

Looking for a Fresh Start?

Many individuals that we work with are, too. We understand that possession of marijuana can be a stain on your record and hinder your quality of life. It can complicate:

  1. Employment opportunities
  2. Education
  3. Housing applications
  4. Your ability to qualify for loans or a professional license

And more.

With the help of Record Eraser, you can quickly remove these non-violent marijuana offenses and misdemeanor convictions from your record for good.

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Imagine an “Eraser Button” for Your Marijuana Conviction

Having low-level marijuana convictions erased from your record can significantly impact many aspects of your life, including employment and housing.

Record Eraser helps provide Marijuana Conviction Pardons in Pennsylvania to residents who need to have their criminal records erased.

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Expedited Pardons for Cannabis Convictions

“Minor offenses should not carry life sentences.” – Gov. Tom Wolf

People with marijuana convictions should not be punished for life, and their quality of life shouldn’t suffer long term. Record Eraser provides the expertise, knowledge, and ability to expedite your request to clean up your record fast.

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Apply for Expedited Marijuana Conviction Pardons in Pennsylvania and Clean Your Record

At Record Eraser, we can help you determine whether a pardon is possible; we walk you through our process carefully, professionally, and skillfully - helping you understand your options and best next steps. 

Step 1: Know your record

Step 2: Determine your eligibility 

Step 3: Erase your record 

After being shadowed by a marijuana conviction of delivery which is a felony,a crime I committed 25 years ago, I finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel! After hearing a 5 to 0 decision for a recommendation for a pardon, I was in a state of utopia! I have to thank Mark for his knowledge and for being able to guide me through the whole process. Now it feels like a new beginning and the weight of it has been lifted off my shoulders! I highly recommend this firm for anyone wishing to receive a pardon! It’s like a breath of fresh air! Thanks again, Mark! You are the man!

Former Record Eraser Client

About Record Eraser

Since 2013, we have helped thousands of people have their criminal records erased. Lawyer Mark F. Walmer has a well-earned reputation for getting his clients results. A former prosecutor and long-time criminal defense attorney in PA, Mark knows the system, and he knows the players. Admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar Association in November of 1987, he’s been practicing law in Lancaster County for more than three decades.

If you need the best lawyer in Pennsylvania to help clear your record and get on with your life, don’t wait another minute.

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How Long Does the Pardon Process Take in Pennsylvania?

The Research, documentation, and filing of the Application can take a month or two. Once it is filed, the Board will take a year or two to investigate, research and process the application. A marijuana or paraphernalia case will be reviewed in a year or less on an Expedited Basis.

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How Much Time Does a Person Have To Wait To Apply For a Pardon?

Two years +/- 6 months is about how long it takes for the final vote by the Board. If he sees fit, the Governor will then take a few months to review and sign the Pardon. Any Pardon is best followed up by filing an Expungement Petition, which can also take a few months.

3 – 4 years is a reasonable estimate.

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Do I Need To Disclose My Pardon In a Job Application/Interview?

If the Pardon is received and the record expunged, no. If the Pardon is filed but not yet granted, the history of conviction still exists and should be acknowledged.

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Who can get an expedited pardon?

Anyone with a marijuana-related offense can file for an expedited review, whether a felony or a misdemeanor. The application process is the same, but the Review by the Board is quicker.

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Don’t let an old marijuana conviction hold you back.

Contact us today and let us help you erase your criminal record.

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