Charged or convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania?

Searching for a job, getting a loan, or renting an apartment can already be stressful. Not being able to obtain these things because of your criminal past is even worse. Getting your record cleared in PA isn’t always easy, but it can be done. Here’s how to legally erase your past criminal record.

Getting a Governor’s Pardon in Pennsylvania

Anyone with a criminal conviction in PA can apply for a pardon. It is an opportunity to add a new page to your life and move on from an old one. A pardon erases the conviction for minor offenses as if they never occurred. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was or what you were convicted of. It’s a fresh start to almost anything.

Get a Pardon in PA
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Receiving an Expungement in PA

Even if you were acquitted, charges can remain on your public record until they are removed through the expungement process in PA. If you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction, you need a pardon before it can be expunged. These records can impact your chances of getting a job, renting an apartment, and securing a loan. Find out more about expungements, and clear up your past.

Get an Expungement in PA
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Expedited Pardons for Cannabis Convictions

“Minor offenses should not carry life sentences.” – Gov. Tom Wolf

People with marijuana convictions should not be punished for life, and their quality of life shouldn’t suffer long term. Record Eraser provides the expertise, knowledge, and ability to expedite your request to clean up your record fast.

Get a Pardon in PA
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Getting Your 2nd Amendment Rights Back

If you’ve had felony convictions, you may have lost your right to possess a firearm. While some felonies restrict firearms rights for obvious reasons, a criminal offense like an M1 conviction (first-degree misdemeanor convictions) from a second offense DUI can also cause rights to be taken. Whatever the case, you may still be eligible to restore your firearms rights under certain circumstances even if your criminal record isn’t pristine.

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It All Starts Here: Ordering a Pa Criminal Record Report

Ordering a criminal report is how to see what’s on your record, and it’s the first of three steps in protecting your reputation.

Here’s what you need to do to empower your future and erase your past:

3 Steps: Record Clearing in Pennsylvania

Know Your Record

Get Your Record

Determine Your Eligibility

Forward Us Your Record

Erase Your Record

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Can you help get my record cleared in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Please find out about our criminal record erasing services here.

How much does it cost to apply (file) for a pardon or expungement in Pennsylvania?

The rates vary depending on the services required but can be quoted by email or a phone call.

How Much Time Does a Person Have To Wait To Apply For a Pardon?

Two years +/- 6 months is about how long it takes for the final vote by the Board. If he sees fit, the Governor will take a few months to review and sign the Pardon. Any Pardon is best followed up by filing an Expungement Petition, which can also take a few months.
3 – 4 years is a reasonable estimate.

Can you buy a gun after expungement, or are there additional steps?

After expungement, your PA state police record(s) are cleared, and you can purchase a gun and/or apply for a permit.

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