Charged or convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania?

Here’s how to legally erase your past criminal record.

Minor crimes that occurred in your past (that you had no idea were even on your record) may be revealed through background checks. Even if you were not convicted, charges can remain on your public record until you have them removed through the expungement, sealing, or pardon process in PA.

Ordering a criminal report is how to see what’s on your record, and it’s the first of three steps in protecting your reputation.

Here’s what you need to do to empower your future and erase your past:

3 Steps: Record Expungement in Pennsylvania

Know Your Record

Get Your Record

Determine Your Eligibility

Forward Us Your Record

Erase Your Record

Why Wait Any Longer?
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“I would say that the assistance through the expungement process is professional, expedited and feels personal.  It’s nice knowing someone is on your side that knows how to get things done.  Expunging my record allowed more opportunities to be pursued and alleviated the embarrassment associated with having a criminal record.”
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