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While there are some instances of violent crimes when registrations on an individual are well-warranted, other circumstances may leave individuals questioning whether their minor brush with the law justifies a stain on their entire life. If you’re tired of the lengthy process of restoring your rights and the costs that come with it, we are here to help.

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Wiping clean your criminal history of minor crimes can allow you the freedom to apply for jobs, live life on your terms, and not dictate where you can and cannot spend your time.

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Gain back your freedom and get your pardon granted with the help of Record Eraser! You deserve to live free of limitations and move on from the past.

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Governor’s Pardon Criteria

Anyone with a criminal conviction in Pennsylvania can apply for a pardon by the Governor. (Not sure if you have a criminal record in PA? There are two types.) Your criminal record can be expunged or cleared if a pardon is granted. More importantly, a pardon erases the offense as if it never happened. It doesn’t need to be disclosed on any application or job interview.

Eligibility criteria for a Governor’s Pardon:

  • Depending on the offense, you must have been out of trouble for a period of years.
  • You must explain why and how the crime occurred.
  • It does not apply to federal convictions – only Pennsylvania convictions.
  • You must have completed your entire sentence, including probation and parole terms and payment of fines and costs.
  • You must be able to prove that you are not likely to re-offend.
  • It would help if you listed your contributions to the community during this time by being involved in working or volunteering.
  • Most criminal offenses in Pennsylvania are nonviolent, and more are misdemeanors than felonies. So the more serious the crime, the longer one should wait. The less severe the crime, the sooner you could consider filing.

We know this sounds complicated. At PA Pardon Services, we have prepared and filed hundreds of Pardons and can advise you on your specific situation.

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PA Pardon Process

Step1: The Application

Step 2: Background Investigation

Step 3: Notifications

Step 4: The Hearing

Step 5: The Board of Pardons' Decision

Step 6: The Governor's Decision

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At Record Eraser, we can help you determine whether a pardon is possible; we carefully, professionally, and skillfully walk you through the process. Don't wait any longer - start improving your life today.

Step 1:
Know your record.

Step 2:
Determine your eligibility.

Step 3:
Erase your record.

After being shadowed by a crime I committed 25 years ago I finally went through the pardon process and received my pardon! I would highly recommend Record Eraser! Mark guided me through the whole process all the way! and did an outstanding job! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! Again, I highly recommend this firm! Thanks again Mark! You are the man!

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Since 2013, we have helped thousands of people escape their past and get pardons granted in the state of Pennsylvania. As one of the most active pardon lawyers in Pennsylvania, Mark F. Walmer has a well-earned reputation for getting his clients results.

  • 30+ years of legal experience
  • Specialized relationships with key legal partners
  • Our process to research, advise and file PA Expungement petitions and Pardon Applications.
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What is a pardon in Pennsylvania? 

Pardons refer to a constitutional procedure by which the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons in public office reviews an application for ‘clemency’ (which asks to have the applicant’s criminal conduct ‘pardoned’ or forgiven).

Does a pardon clear your record?

In Pennsylvania, a pardon is generally the only way to eliminate felony and misdemeanor convictions.

What crimes can a Governor Pardon?

The most common crimes to receive pardons include shoplifting and disorderly conduct. Typically, serious crimes are only pardoned if several decades have passed since the crime was committed. The longer you have stayed out of trouble, the better your chances of getting a pardon. 

How long does a Governor's Pardon take?

That is up to the Board of Pardons. Most people who ultimately receive pardons have either been convicted of a minor crime at least five years ago or, if it’s a more severe crime, 10 years or more. It will take even longer if you don’t file the paperwork (or follow the process) correctly. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process alone. 

Can a Governor pardon a felony?

Yes. A pardon removes any legal disability restricting a person’s right from a criminal conviction. 

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