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Lawyer Mark F. Walmer

✓ Expungement Attorney in PA
✓ Pardon Attorney in PA

✓ Founder of PA Pardon Service & RecordEraser.net

As one of the most active pardons and expungement lawyers in the state of Pennsylvania, Mark F. Walmer has a well-earned reputation for getting his clients results.

A former prosecutor and long-time criminal defense attorney in PA, Mark knows the system, and he knows the players. Admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar Association in November of 1987, he’s been practicing law in Lancaster County for more than three decades.

Experience is just one reason to work with Mark on clearing your record. Recognized expertise is the more important one. Not only does he consistently bring a high number of cases to the Board of Pardons each year, Mark:

  • Was one of two private attorneys in Pennsylvania to be asked by the Board of Pardons’ Secretary to weigh in on their new online application pardon form
  • Asked by the PA Board of Pardons to assist the Board in simplifying its multiple page pardon application

The list goes on…

If you need the best lawyer in Pennsylvania to help clear your record and get on with your life, don’t wait another minute.

Everybody deserves a second chance. Let us help you.

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Top Pennsylvania Expungement Attorney Lawyer Mark Walmer

After being shadowed by a crime I committed 25 years ago I finally went through the pardon process and received my pardon! I would highly recommend Record Eraser! Mark guided me through the whole process all the way! and did an outstanding job! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! Again, I highly recommend this firm! Thanks again Mark! You are the man!

Former Record Eraser Client

Why RecordEraser?

RecordEraser is a marketing name used by PA Pardon Services, which was founded by Mark F. Walmer, Esq. in 2013. PES, llc. was created to deliver criminal record-clearing services to the thousands of people struggling to improve their lives in spite of having a criminal record in Pennsylvania.

About PA Expungement & Pardon Process

Your Pennsylvania criminal record is preventing you from getting jobs, housing, higher education, a firearm permit, or child custody. Even if you were not convicted, charges can remain on your public record until you have them removed through the expungement or pardon process. Minor crimes that occurred in your past (that you had no idea were even on your record), may be revealed through background checks.

Whatever your past, knowing what shows on your record is the first step in having it cleared. No more embarrassment. No more rejections. No more stigma. No more.

Once you have your criminal record report our team so we can help you understand if your past offenses can be expunged or pardoned and when. Once we understand the details of your situation, we can then begin to take action to restore your reputation.

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Record Eraser is a service of PA Pardon Services

RecordEraser is a fictitious name lawfully registered to PA Pardon Services. for the purpose of marketing and delivering pardon and expungement services to those who have criminal records in Pennsylvania.

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