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If you’ve had felony convictions, you may have lost your right to possess a firearm. While some felonies restrict firearms rights for obvious reasons, a criminal offense like an M1 conviction (first-degree misdemeanor convictions) from a second offense DUI can also cause rights to be taken. Whatever the case, you may still be eligible to restore your firearms rights under certain circumstances even if your criminal record isn’t pristine. You can learn how to look up your criminal record in PA here. 

Frustrated with the time and cost of restoring your rights?

While there are some instances with violent crimes when firearm revocations are well-warranted, other circumstances may leave individuals questioning whether their minor brush with the law justifies a prohibition from owning firearms. If you’re tired of the lengthy process of restoring your rights and the costs that come with it, we are here to help. 

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Get Back To Enjoying Firearms

Restoring your gun rights can allow you the freedom to suit up for hunting season, enjoy the firearm range with your friends, and participate in shooting sports. 

Restore Your Rights Now

Gain back your freedom and enjoy your 2nd Amendment rights again! In certain circumstances, gun rights can be restored through the expungement processes. 

Our Process

At Record Eraser, we can help you determine whether an expungement is possible; we walk you through our process carefully, professionally, and skillfully – helping you understand your options and best next steps. 

Know Your Record

Knowledge is power

Determine Your Eligibility

Find your way forward

Erase Your Record

You can move on with your life

Top Pennsylvania Expungement Attorney Lawyer Mark Walmer

Hire a Top Expungement Attorney

Working with an Expungement Attorney that knows the ins and outs of Pennsylvania gun rights restoration is essential. Choose an Attorney you can trust with a proven track record of success.

As one of the most active pardons and expungement lawyers in Pennsylvania and one of the top lawyers for restoring gun rights, Mark F. Walmer has a well-earned reputation for getting his clients results.

As a former prosecutor and long-time criminal defense attorney in PA, Mark not only knows the system, but he also knows the players. He was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar Association in November of 1987 and has practiced law in Lancaster County for more than three decades.

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PA Gun Right Restoration FAQs

Do you automatically lose your gun rights if convicted of a felony? 

Yes, any felony conviction will result in the forfeiture of gun rights. Also, misdemeanors for drugs, assault, and other first-degree and second misdemeanor offenses may result in gun rights forfeiture.

Are there other conditions that lead to gun rights loss? 

Yes, a “302 Involuntary Mental Health Commitment” and Protection from Abuse (PFA) order will result in the disability to possess firearms in PA.

How long do I have to wait before I can file for a petition after I receive a pardon? 

Once your record is pardoned, you can immediately file for an expungement. Expungements take 3-6 months, after which point you can purchase a firearm and apply for a firearm permit.

What is the process for having gun rights restored? File for a Governor’s pardon, get your record expunged and apply for a firearm permit.

Does the state automatically restore gun rights after a specific time? 

No. There is no scenario in which the state will automatically restore gun possession rights after any amount of time has elapsed. 

Can you buy a gun after expungement, or are there additional steps? 

After expungement, your PA state police record(s) are cleared, and you can purchase a gun and/or apply for a permit.

If the State appeals, do I still have the right to possess firearms? 

If you have a Governor’s pardon, the state must consent to it and will not appeal it.

What happens when my firearm rights are restored? 

You can hunt and carry. 

Is there a difference in the process between federal and state bans? 

Mark’s info only pertains to PA criminal convictions. Federal convictions require a federal pardon. A PA Governor’s pardon will not remove a federal conviction.

Can I restore my firearm rights if I've been committed to a mental health facility? 

Removing the mental health disability from possessing firearms is a separate legal process (302 restorations). 

How does a Protection from Abuse (PFA) affect gun rights? 

If a PFA is filed, the Sheriff will temporarily remove firearms. If the PFA is upheld, you will lose your gun rights until they are restored through filing a petition. (Note: Mark refers clients who need PFA Gun Rights restored to Alex at C&E, see above note about blog article).

How much does it cost to restore gun rights? 

It depends on the nature of and number of disqualifying convictions. All disqualifying convictions would need to be pardoned, and then you would need to file for an expungement petition in each county of conviction. We can provide a quote for your specific situation by clicking here. (link to Erase My Record form page). Attorney fees vary, but at Record Eraser, a basic pardon on a single docket starts at $1,850, and expungements start at $900 per docket. 

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