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Mistakes made in the past shouldn’t haunt you forever. We understand that minor charges or a criminal offense can be a stain on your record and hinder your quality of life, but that doesn’t have to stay the case. Past misdemeanor offenses on a criminal background check can complicate:

  1. Employment opportunities
  2. Gun ownership
  3. Education
  4. Housing applications
  5. Your ability to qualify for loans or a professional license

And more.

Remove these stains from your record quickly and effectively. Choose an experienced Pennsylvania Expungement Attorney, and start your legal expungement today.

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Expunge Your Criminal Record in Pennsylvania

When you partner with an experienced expungement attorney, you gain more than just a partner to help with your felony removal. You get:

  • 30+ years of legal experience
  • Specialized relationships with key legal partners
  • Our process to research, advise and file PA expungement petitions
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Hire An Experienced Expungement Attorney

Lawyer Mark F. Walmer has a well-earned reputation for expunging criminal convictions and getting his clients results.

Mark knows the system and knows the players as a former prosecutor and long-time criminal defense attorney in PA. Admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar Association in November of 1987, he’s been practicing law in Lancaster County for more than three decades and is a name you can trust.

If you need the best expungement lawyer in Pennsylvania to help clear your record and allow you to move on with your life, don’t wait another minute.

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Our Expungement Process

Pennsylvania’s expungement statute sets forth the matters that are eligible for expungement. An expungement removes the charges from the public record and the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Repository.

Charges with no disposition, a summary conviction, and matters resolved by the ARD program are some of the expungeable cases.

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At RecordEraser, we can help determine your eligibility for expungement and walk you through the process carefully, professionally, and skillfully.

Step 1: Know your record

Step 2: Determine your eligibility 

Step 3: Erase your record

“I would say that the assistance through the expungement process is professional, expedited and feels personal.  It’s nice knowing someone is on your side that knows how to get things done.  Expunging my record allowed more opportunities to be pursued and alleviated the embarrassment associated with having a criminal record.”
Former RecordEraser Client

About Record Eraser

As one of the most active Pennsylvania expungement attorneys with 30+ years of experience, Mark F. Walmer has a well-earned reputation throughout the state for getting his clients results.

Since 2013, Mark and his team have helped thousands of people have their criminal records erased and are here to help you, too.

About Record Eraser

Your Past Doesn’t Need to Be Your Future

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