Jan – Feb 2024 PA Board of Pardons Merit Reviews

Jan – Feb 2024 PA Board of Pardons Merit Reviews

It’s 2024, and the PA Board of Pardons has released its latest updates on its expungement process.

As early as January 2024, the PA Board of Pardons has been vocal in its pledge to expedite the expungement and pardon process. Things are looking promising if you’re planning to process your pardon and expungement this year.

Read on to learn more insights into the merit reviews and the criteria for expedited reviews. Also, read for updates on the PA Board of Pardons’ Clean Slate 3.0 program and the upcoming Board of Pardons’ schedule.

Recent PA Board of Pardons Update

The PA Board of Pardons is picking up where it left off in 2023 as it continues to bolster its staff. By doing so, the Board signifies its commitment to streamlining its pardon process.

The recent measures have borne fruit, as many pardon petitions and public hearings are taking place. As of late 2023, heading into 2024, the Board has already processed nearly 2,000 petitions.

Of these petitions, 900 were granted merit reviews, and a sizable percentage of these (394, to be exact) await Governor Shapiro’s signature.

Pardon Criteria and Expedited Reviews

For those eager to expedite their pardon process, the Board of Pardons has introduced criteria for faster reviews.

Offenses such as five-year-old retail thefts or marijuana convictions are now eligible for an expedited expungement petition track. Furthermore, a single conviction — including certain felonies after ten years and two or more convictions after 15 years without police involvement — can also qualify for an expedited review.

This streamlined approach aims to provide quicker resolutions for eligible applicants, reducing the standard two to three-year waiting period.

Also, the Board has allowed remote reviews, meaning qualified petitioners can apply for and process a pardon online.

Merit Reviews and Clean Slate 3.0

The merit reviews play a pivotal role in the journey toward a pardon. Applicants who secure two votes during this stage move forward to the public session. Encouragingly, November’s merit reviews statistics revealed that over 80% of applicants received the green light. This statistic is a promising sign for those seeking pardons.

Clean Slate 3.0, a recent legislative development, promises a smoother path post-pardon, eliminating the need for a separate expungement petition.

Board of Pardons’ Schedule

The Board of Pardons has an active schedule in January 2024, with hearings held on January 10th, 11th, and 12th. The first 30 cases on January 10th are unopposed, allowing a quick resolution for applicants.

With 19 cases scheduled for each session, the Board reviewed over 150 cases in just three days. The Board’s website provides a detailed hearing schedule for those interested in the process, ensuring transparency and accessibility.

February 2024 the Board plans to review more cases on the 22nd and 23rd.

Pardon and Expungement Updates, Interviews, News, and More

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