January 2023 – Update about the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons

January 2023 – Update about the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons

It has been an exciting end to 2022 at the PA Board of Pardons!

Governor Tom Wolf will leave the Governor’s office on January 17, 2023. He has issued thousands of pardons in PA in the past 8 years.

Attorney General Joshua Shapiro was elected to be the next Governor of Pennsylvania.  He has been on the Board of Pardons for the past 8 years, and while he has not personally recommended every application to pass his desk, he has been involved in reviewing and voting on thousands of applications.

Austin Davis was elected to be the next Lieutenant Governor. He will take his seat as the Chairman of the Pardon Board in January.

First Assistant Deputy Attorney General Michelle Henry has been appointed as acting Attorney General and will take her seat on the Board.

The other three Board members should continue as last year.

There are reasons to believe that Governor Wolf will sign several hundred Pardon Decrees before he leaves office.

Don’t forget; every Pardon needs an expungement!

The Board is trying to launch an online Pardon Application Portal in the first quarter to do away with the paper applications.  This may lead to a wave of additional pardons being filed online.  The preparation process will be the same – Court Records will need to be requested, explanations are given, and personal achievements declared, but this will all move online.  Existing applications are to be scanned and uploaded to the portal as well.

For us, the process of researching, analyzing, requesting records, explaining, and preparing the application will remain the same, but there will be less paper involved.

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