PA Board of Pardons Merit Reviews — December 2022 Answers and Updates

PA Board of Pardons Merit Reviews — December 2022 Answers and Updates

There were many PA Board of Pardons updates in its recent regular meeting. One of the most significant changes we anticipate is the ability to File Your Own Pardon Online. This substantial technological advancement aims to simplify the pardon-filing process.

Although this development will eliminate the need for paper documentation, understanding how traditional merit reviews and public hearings work will be essential knowledge when you clear a criminal record online. Here’s a closer look at what we know so far.

Watch the full December update video here:

Recent PA Merit Review Session

The Board of Pardons wanted to launch its website for this new process on January 9, 2023, but this has been delayed to later in the first quarter. By then, you can file your pardon application to remove criminal records online. You can either submit pardon applications by yourself or have a representative do it for you.

Representatives can be attorneys, assistants, friends, or pastors. Anyone who helps you, the applicant, fill out expungement petition documents is your representative in this situation.  Special care should be used in the explanation of how and why the crime occurred and why you are a good candidate.

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File Your Own Pardon Online

Following the online procedure coming next year, you may no longer need to file a paper application. While you technically don’t need a lawyer to file a Pardon application, we would be pleased to help you craft the best application you can file.   We can also help you navigate the processes involved in Researching your record, Requesting the Court Records you need and filing any required expungements.  Learn more about Pennsylvania marijuana conviction pardons and expungements.

Depending on your case, the board will hold a public session to determine what will come of your application to clear your criminal record.

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How Record Eraser Can Help

Record Eraser is an expungement and pardon attorney in PA. For over 15 years, we have been completing pardon applications with the required court documents. We then send them and track their progress to ensure everything goes smoothly. We also send a copy to the client to ensure they’re on the same page.

We are prepared to serve as your representative in facing the PA Board of Pardons. Our experienced staff can discuss your case and identify your options for securing the best outcome for your goals.

New Podcast Answering Your Pardon and Expungement News

We also have a new podcast coming where we cover pardon and expungement news and answer your questions about them.

Many people share their stories and ask questions about our services and how we can help them, and they seem surprised that we answer them. We gathered relevant questions to answer on our show and post them on the website. For now, check out our YouTube channel.

Help Me Erase My Record

The PA Board of Pardons is about to make it easier for you to file for pardons by launching an online application website. However, you will need to understand the process to navigate it smoothly.

Let our experts at Record Eraser serve as your representatives to secure your goals. Tell us your story to determine if you qualify for pardon or expungement in PA. Let us help you erase your record!

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